Lure/Jig Finish Dryer

Lure/Jig Finish Dryer


 If you paint or finish your own lures and jigs you should consider this. My apology for the limited photo and video quality. It is difficult to adequately display this item. I have not seen anything similar commercially available, allowing for multiple lure/jig sizes. The device is shown with CRB Rod Dryer (not included). Fits all standard rod dryers with self-adjusting or adjustable attachments.

Constructed with 12 in aluminum and polyethylene tubing, durable and highly adjustable. If you refinish/paint numerous lures/jigs of the same sizes, you can fairly easily build your own device; if you want to be able to adjust the length especially for 2 -point fixation of multiple lures/jigs sizes then this is your device. 5 separate clip collars slide to allow 2-point fixation of various sized lures/jigs/ or up to 12 individual lures requiring only 1-point fixation.

For longer Lures/Jigs you can easily remove the individual slide/clip collars in the middle by loosening the wing nuts at each end.

The maximum weight capacity for this device will depend on your choice of rod dryer motors or your custom device. For best performance you need to balance the weight on each side of the device ideally within 1 oz. Consider also mounting your rod dryer motor at least temporarily to a stable board or table surface for best performance, especially with heavier weight.

You can easily attach additional devices together for additional capacity depending on your rotator capability.

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