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About MDR Tackle

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Established 2018

Quality Products and Materials

Made in the USA

I have been saltwater fishing for over 30 years. I continue to learn more. I have retired from neurosurgery as of Dec. 2018 and now devote more time to my fishing passion. I have personally handcrafted, perfected, and continue to test these products as time and weather permit. I am proud to say that these are the most productive jigs I have ever used, landing numerous saltwater species. I use various combinations of color shifting tape, JigSkinz Glow shrink sleeves, UV/fluorescent paint, and long-lasting glow-in-the-dark paint. My current available jig sizes range from 3/4 to 8 oz. These are primarily for saltwater, but the smaller items may be useful for freshwater. Each item is individually handcrafted by me in the USA. I use quality materials including VMC hooks and split rings, unbreakable non-welded solid rings. Assist cord is 300# Kevlar. The smaller jigs have Mustad hooks.

The JigSkinz covers/sleeves will tear especially with toothy fish. I offer several replacement covers to patch or replace. There are numerous additional options at

If you are fortunately still reading this, “MDR” just popped in my head one day in anticipation of this endeavor, The initials stand for MD Retired, or my family Mary, Melissa, Derek and Robert. I was happy to get the desired domain,

I look forward to your feedback. When you catch a monster with these jigs please send me a photo, preferably with jig still attached. I do like to brag.

If you have been jigging for a while, you likely have several jigs that are too trashed to fish. I can likely refurbish them for a reasonable price, within the size ranges that I offer. Feel free to contact me.

Shipping is $7 flat fee including multiple items. Free shipping on orders over $50. (enter code FREESHIP) Checkout options include all major credit cards, Stripe, Apple Pay, PayPal and Venmo. Shipping is limited to only the continental US.

Enjoy and Tight Lines.

Bob Bradley@MDR Tackle