Vertical and Casting Jigs: HanDCrafted in the USA

Extremely Productive for most saltwater species including amberjack, bonito, cobia, grouper, snapper, mackerel, mahi, trigger, and tuna.
Quality VMC hooks and split rings. Assist cord is 300# Kevlar. The 3 oz butterfly casts like a bullet, with nice flutter on the fall. You may also move the hook to the eye end to mimic a squid.

The FLASH SERIES offers brilliant light reflection and durable 2-3 coat epoxy finish. Most items have a realistic scale pattern. Others use color shifting tape, or combinations of both. This is a very tedious and time-consuming process by hand, but the results are beautiful. The bright pink, green and chartreuse colors are fluorescent. Click the SHOP tab>Flash Series

The GLOW SERIES uses glow in the dark JigSkinz cover sleeve over the reflective tape, or glow in the dark paint where designated. The glow cover does give a somewhat cloudy appearance, but gives a nice smooth finish. There are days when the glow out catch the flash so they are not just for dark conditions. For best results with all of the glow products, charge in light or sunlight before use. The fastest way is to use a UV flashlight. Click the SHOP tab>Glow Series

The REALISTIC SERIES uses JigSkinz realistic fish patterns over the bare lead. I added a couple of other glow options with the blue and green mackerel. I will offer a few replacement covers for purchase. Click the SHOP tab> Realistic Series offers numerous other sleeves.

*** I do not include hooks on the 6 oz and 8 oz jigs. Visit the Hooks Section for various options, or you may prefer your own.

I will periodically add NEW PRODUCTS in the SHOP.