Nice Blackfin Tuna on the 3 oz Pink Glow. RHB

Blackfin Tuna 6 oz Flash Pink/CE. RHB

It was a pleasure fishing with father and son Tim and Will Holt this weekend. He is now a JigMaster.

6 oz CE Flash prototype used. We lost to a shark or cuda two drops later - I never knew sharks ate jigs and it got a little expensive. Still great fun, and Will is forever hooked!

Gag Grouper 3 oz Pink Glow- Steve Suggs MD

King Mackerel 3 oz Fluorescent Pink Glow. RHB

Very nice Red Snapper. 3 oz Fluorescent Pink Glow. RHB

Triggerfish 8 oz Pearl Glow. Nasty bug eyes from 200 ft, but looked healthy on release. RHB

Red Snapper 1 oz CE. RHB

Red Snapper 3 oz Pink Glow “Awesome Lure. Fished 3 separate days with quality snapper and trigger almost each drop. Some times they hit the jig dead in the water moving back to the spot. One grouper. There were some nicks and tears in the cover, but still productive. Finally cut off probably by a king.” Steve Suggs MD

Spanish Mackerel 1 oz CE. RHB